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Hospice touches lives, supports families, strengthens communities..when a helping hand is needed most.  Hospice for Wright County provides comfort care for patients who have been given a life limiting diagnosis of six months or less.  Hospice for Wright County is a Medicare certified agency which provides coverage for:

Criteria for Hospice

  • The individual has been informed of choices of care and must be aware of and in agreement with the referral to Hospice care.
  • There is a designated primary caregiver available.
  • The patient currently lives in or receives medical care in Wright County.
  • The patient's physician determines that the individuals hilliness is life limiting and the normal course of the disease is expected to be six months or less.

Referrals may come from:
  • Physicians
  • Hospital personnel or other professional agencies, nurses, social workers, clergy
  • Self
  • Family and friends

Volunteer services
  • Nursing Care
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Short term inpatient and respite care
  • Drugs for symptom management and pain relief
  • Homemaker and home health aide services
  • Social work
  • Physical and other therapies

Private insurance companies may have a Hospice benefit that will also cover these services.  Hospice will provide care for those who cannot pay by using money raised from the community or from memorial gifts. 

Hospice Facts:

  • Care and support is centered around the patient and family, rather than the illness.  Emphasis is on comfort and the quality of life.

  • Care will be provided where the family, patient, and physician choose:  Home, hospital or nursing home. 
  • The patient and family receive attention to physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

  • Care is guided by the psyching and coordinated by an Interdisciplinary Team including health care professionals, clergy and trained volunteers.
  • Patients and families are considered an integral part of the Team, assisting in the decision making process.
  • Visits from volunteers and other Team members will be available to meet your needs.

  • Provide help and support to the patient and family, on a 24-hour-a day, seven-days-a-week basis.

Care continues after the death of the patient, supporting the family through the mourning process. 

History of Hospice for Wright County

The Eagle Grove Area Hospice started in 1984 when a group of Eagle Grove area citizens, under the direction of Concerned Inc., formed the first volunteer Hospice in Wright County.  In January 1993, Hospice for Wright County was formed as a cooperative effort between Community Memorial Hospital of Clarion, and Belmond Community Hospital.  With the approval of the Eagle Grove Area Hospice Board of Directors, the two programs were consolidated in May 1993.

Hospice Volunteers:

Who can become a volunteer?  Any person who cares.  Volunteers of all ages are key to the success of the program.  Men, women, and young people are needed.  No special skills are required-only a capacity to give of your love and your time.

How many hours does a volunteer need to give?  This is up the volunteer.  No specific number of hours is required. 

Do volunteers receive training?  Yes.  Volunteers are required to attend an 18 hour training course, free of charge.