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How to Access and Establish Disability Funds and Supports


If you or someone you have a relationship to has a disability and is struggling in growing or maintaining their independence, quality of life, and or health and safety and does not have the resources available to them to purchase the supports they need, then application to determine eligibility to access support funds can be made. Initial application can be made online, over the phone or by printing off an application and returning it to the Wright County Social Services Office.

Once an application has been submitted and all information has been clarified and missing information obtained an eligibility decision will be made. In order for an applicant to be eligible to access disability support funds they must have a completed application on file, meet diagnostic criteria, and be at or below the income and resource guidelines. Once a decision has been reached the applicant will be contacted and given the decision and any reason for a ineligibility. If an applicant has been determined eligible they will be assigned to a service coordinator who will perform an assessment to determine the applicants level of need. Once an assessed level of need is obtained, disability support funds will be encumbered to the applicant.Note: [Should funds be fully encumbered, applicants who meet all eligibility criteria may be placed on a waiting list] Assessments will be conducted at any time the applicant has a life event that may have changed their level of need. Thus the disability support funds are flexible based upon the needs of the applicant.

Once a level of need has been established and disability support funds are encumbered, the service coordinator will assist the applicant in accessing funds used to identify and purchase the supports they need. In addition a plan will be developed identifying the applicant's desired outcomes the purchased supports are to provide. Supports can be purchased from any approved person or agency the applicant chooses to hire. The applicant's assigned service coordinator will meet with the applicant regularly to assist them in monitoring and coordinating the purchased supports and to review any life events that cause a change in needs. The service coordinator will obtain information each year to update the applicant's eligibility for disability support funds and level of need.


Guiding Principles

Iowa's Mental Health Authority has established four (4) criteria that Wright County must meet prior to encumbering disability support funding. They are as follows:


Supports that do not meet the above requirements may not be funded. An applicant's assigned service coordinator will assist in ensuring that the applicant's individual budget meets the guiding principles. If an applicant disagrees with decisions made, they may appeal.


Important Items

Chapter 25

Administrative Rules State Administrative Requirements for the county.


Management Plan,Policies & Procedures

Eligibility, determination of need and allocation of funds

Application for Assistance

Apply for support funds. Adobe Reader is required to open and print this