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Who maintains my road?

          Find your location on this map of gravel roads.

What is needed to build a new driveway or to widen an existing one?

          Fill out an Entrance Application.

          Signature of the Landowner.

          A Certificate of Liability.

          A check for $50 to cover the preconstruction and post-construction cost of inspection.

          Please read and understand the Approved Entrance Policy.

What is Right-of-Way?

          Right-of-Way is an area of land that is owned by the property owner, but the government possesses an easement in order to maintain the road for public usage.  The amount of Right-of-Way varies depending on the circumstances when it was set up, but typically the Right-of-Way extends 33 feet each direction from the center of the roadway.  Landowners may not place, or cause to be placed, an obstruction within any highway right-of-way.