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US Census Data:

     Want to dig into the data of Wright County? Here is a link to U.S. Census results for the county. A link on the page allows you to view various data sets for the county and its communities.

Wright County Census Data


Media Contacts:

     Looking for a news article on a local business?  How about a picture of the latest school sporting event?  Looking for a job in the County?  Want to buy a house?  How about advertise your business?  Wright County is fortunate to have three local newspapers that cover local news, business highlights, events and offer classifieds with available positions.  Any of the newspapers have capable, professional staff there to serve you.  All offer mail subscription, as well as online subcriptions.

     Wright County has two radio stations in the area that report news and other events. 



The Belmond Independent

213 East Main Street

Belmond, IA  50421

Phone #641-444-7777



Eagle Grove Eagle

314 W. Broadway

Eagle Grove, IA  50533

Phone #515-448-4745



Wright County Monitor

107 2nd Avenue, NE

Clarion, IA  50525

Phone #515-532-2871



KQWC Radio - 95.7

1020 E. 2nd Street

Webster City, IA  50595

Phone #515-832-1570



KLMJ Radio - 104.9

Hampton, IA 

Phone #641-456-5656


KIOW Radio - 107.3
Forest City, IA
Phone #641-585-1073

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