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Business Connections for Wright County

Succession Planning is Important - Start Now!
     So, how are you going to leave your business?
     Will you just hold a sale and close it? That's not good for the community.
     Are you going to leave it up to your family? Are they up to the task and is there a tax implication for them?
     Are you going to sell it? Is there a buyer out there interested and have you had a discussion about an option?
     Succession planning is part of operating your business well, and a great transition can not only benefit you, but the community you have called home.
     Check out this article (Succession Planning: There's No Time Like the Present) from CIRAS, the Center for Industrial Research and Service at Iowa State University. It will give you insights and encouragement.

Eagle Grove Entrepreneur's Unique Business Featured on RFD TV
    Check out the video here.

Want to Sell to Mexico? WCED & Iowa Can Help!

    The Iowa Economic Development Authority has its own field office for exporting to Mexico - in Mexico! 

      Jose A. Jimenez is IEDA's representative in Mexico. He recently made a presentation to north central Iowa businesses in Fort Dodge. Previous Wright County Economic Development Director Brad Hicks attended and WCED office has related materials and information to point you in the right direction for looking into selling in Mexico.

      Jose reported the best prospects for exporting to Mexico were: agribusiness, auto parts and supplies, education and training services, energy, environmental sector, franchising, housing and construction, internet and IT services, medical devices, packaging, plastic materials and resins, security and safety, smart grid equipment, telecommunications equipment, transportation, and travel and tourism.

     Call WCED at 515-532-6422 or contact Jose directly at or (5255) 5286-9002. You can also contact Peggy Kerr at the IEDA in Des Moines at or 515-725-3143. The IEDA has other international trade assistance and WCED can put you in touch with those representatives, too.

    Here is a link to a news story from the Farm News / Fort Dodge Messenger regarding the presentation. WCED has copies of the Powerpoint and folders regarding International Trade in Mexico if you want one.


CIRAS Helps Hagie Manufacturing - Watch Video

    - Hagie Manufacturing at Clarion is featured in a video by CIRAS, the Center for Industrial Research at Iowa State University. Watch it here. If your business is interested in CIRAS assistance, contact Mark Reinig at or 515-231-4150. You can also call us at WCED at 515-532-6422 or email


Centurion Poultry Hatchery at Goldfield Open

     - Centurion Poultry at Goldfield has opened its state-of-the art hatchery. If you missed the tours a few weeks back, KCCI TV had a report on its March 4 newscast. See it here


Modern Manufacturing Pays Well, Is Cleaner

    - Modern Manufacturing Jobs Pay Better, Offer Cleaner Workplaces, and Are More Technical than Physical in Terms of Actual Work. The skills are in demand, too, all over the world. Check out this article by clicking here.


Business Tips from Seinfeld?

     - Innovation comes at unpredictable times. So, how did Morty do it with his raincoats business?

     - So, it was your idea, but...? Your success in business isn't just about a great idea. It's about execution - just ask Elaine. Click here.

    - "The Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld may not have the best business manners, but he has the right idea, says a business advisor. Read his blog entry here.

    - When it comes to your Business Start-Up, Don't Trust a Comedian. Just ask Babu how it worked out for him. Read the blog entry here.

    - Kramerica didn't work, but it Taught us about Interns! Check this to see if there is a "Darren" in your future!

    - Going to hire the family's friend? Well, you might consider Morty! It didn't work for Elaine, as you can read here.