Economic Development

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Brad Hicks, Director

Courtney Stewart, Assistant


Phone: 515-532-6422. After hours: 641-430-1023.

Fax: 515-532-2348.

Mail/Delivery: 115 N. Main, Box 214; Clarion, IA 50525.

Location: Wright County Courthouse basement.

Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays in 2014, except for holidays on Jan. 1, May 26, July 4, Sept. 1, Nov. 11, Nov. 27, Nov. 28,  Dec. 25, and Dec. 26.

Wright People. Wright Place. Wright County!

Trouble contacting us?
Wright County is having occasional problems receiving telephone calls. If you cannot reach the Economic Development Department at 515-532-6422, then call 641-430-1023. Also, if you are having that trouble, your telephone carrier may not be connecting to all or most exchange services available. You can contact your phone company to start a trouble ticket to get that matter addressed. Also, feel free to email us at and we will call you.


Wright County - The Home for Your Business

   Two Reasons You Have to be Here...

     1) Wright County has a ready and able workforce that is well-educated. It has professionals who can assist you and your business when it comes to insurance, legal advice, financing, and more. It has top-notch medical professionals and educators to serve you and your family’s needs. And it has chamber, development and civic leaders who care about their communities. It has the Wright People!

     2) Wright County features the infrastructure and location needed for success. Major highways and rail lines cross the county. There are recreational opportunities galore with a series of lakes for fishing and boating, wildlife refuges for hunting and watching, five communities with golf courses, trails to walk or ride, and cities with ample water, sewer and power. It is the Wright Place!

     Contact Brad with your questions and ideas. Wright County Economic Development is ready to help you meet the Wright People and get to the Wright Place!


About Wright County Economic Development

   "Business Retention, Expansion, Growth & Exploration"

     Wright County Economic Development is an official department of Wright County, Iowa. Created in 1987, the original Wright County Economic Development Commission was initiated to address the need for agricultural, manufacturing, commercial, housing, and workforce expansion.

     Today, WCED carries out its mission - "Business Retention, Expansion, Growth & Exploration" - from its office in the basement of the Wright County Courthouse. WCED is affiliated with local, regional and state development groups, providing a high level of expertise in starting, relocating, and expanding businesses.

     WCED is governed by five commissioners who represent various areas of the county. Appointed by the Wright County Board of Supervisors, they are: Todd Foss of Clarion; Robert Malloy of Goldfield; Deb Oelmann of Dows; Brad Robson of Belmond; and Mike Ryerson of Eagle Grove. They meet monthly, and as needed, to lead the county's development efforts.

     WCED's director is Brad Hicks, who joined the department in 2012 after three decades in the publishing business. WCED's administrative assistant is Courtney Stewart, who also is the coordinator for Wright County Transit. She joined the department in 2014.

     One of the ways WCED assists people is through its Revolving Loan Fund. You can find more information on that in the Finance Your Business section on the website. The loan fund has a specially-appointed committee to preliminarily review applications. Members of the loan committee are Phil Knudtson of Belmond, Sherri O'Brien of Clarion, Kevin Reed of Goldfield, Kent Rutherford of Goldfield, and Scott Whyte of Goldfield.

     Other ways WCED assists people is through its Home Purchase Assistance Loan Program, Home Rehabilitation Program, and Multi-Family Housing Assistance Program. You can find more information on those by clicking on the Housign Assistance link on the left side of this page.

     In addition to working in economic development and transit, Brad and Courtney also serve as the point of contact for the public for the Wright County Charitable Foundation.