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Protest of Assessment

 What do I do when I receive my assessment notice and I disagree with the assessed value?

If you disagree with the Assessor's estimate of value, please consider these two questions:
  • What is the actual market value of my property?
  • How does the value compare to similar properties in the neighborhood?
 Any property owner or aggrieved taxpayer who is dissatisfied with the property assessment may contact the Assessor between April 2nd - April 25 and request an informal assessment review. (Refer to Code of Iowa Section 441.30.) 

In addition, the property owner or taxpayer may file a written protest against such assessment with the Board of Review on or after April 2, to and including April 30, of the year of the assessment.  The property owner or aggrieved taxpayer may have an oral hearing if requested at the time of the filing the protest. (Refer to Code of Iowa Section 441.37.)  Oral hearing dates will be set by the Board of Review.  

 Protests of Assessments to the Board of Review must be submitted between April 2nd - April 30th to the Assessor's office to be considered timely filed.  Protests must be postmarked or returned to the Assessor's Office by April 30th of the year of the protest.  One form required per parcel being protested. The form must be printed and returned.  You are not able to submit the form at this time from the web site.  

Protests may be submitted by mail, fax, email or hand delivered to the Assessor's office.  If you send in your protest by email, a notification will be sent to you by email to verify it has been received.  

Click Here For Assessment Protest Form

A property owner may petition the assessment, not property taxes.

Said protest must be confined to one or more of the following grounds:

  • That said assessment is not equitable as compared with assessments of other like property in the taxing district. When this ground is relied upon as the basis of a protest the legal description and assessments of a representative number of comparable properties, as described by the aggrieved taxpayer shall be listed on the protest, otherwise said protest shall not be considered on this ground. 
  • That the property is assessed for more than the value authorized by law, stating the specific amount which the protesting party believes the property to be over-assessed, and the amount the party considers a fair assessment. 
  • That the property is not assessable, is exempt from taxes, or is misclassified and stating the reasons for the protest. 
  • That there is an error in the assessment and state the specific alleged error. 
  • That there is fraud in the assessment which shall be specifically stated.


In addition to the above, the property owner may protest annually to the Board of Review under the provisions of section 441.35, but such protest shall be in the same manner and upon the same terms as heretofore prescribed in this section.

The property owner or aggrieved taxpayer may combine on one form protests of assessment on parcels separately assessed if the same grounds are relied upon as the basis for protesting each separate assessment. If an oral hearing is requested on more than one of such protests, the person making the combined protests may request that the oral hearings be held consecutively.


In the event an assessment is increased by way of an "Equalization Order" from the Iowa Department of Revenue, property owners are also able to petition the increase in value. If an equalization is ordered the property owner may file a written appeal between October 9th and October 31st.
An individual may petition to the Property Assessment Appeal Board if they are not satisfied with the Board of Review's decision. If dissatisfied with a Property Assessment Appeal Board decision, the decision may then be appealed to the district court. As in the past, a property owner may appeal the Board of Review's decision directly with the district court and forego filing with the Property Assessment Appeal Board. 
Wright County Board of Review Members


The Wright County Board of Review is a 5-member citizen board appointed by the Conference Board composed of individuals from various areas of the county who are familiar with the local real estate market; construction materials, techniques, and cost; or have an agricultural background. The Board operates independently of the Assessor's Office and has the power to confirm, adjust upward, or adjust downward, any assessment in its jurisdiction.


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